Toyota – The Turning Point

/ Website Intro Film

Development work

Development Work

Building on our successful relationship with Droga5 in New York, with whom we made the launch film for the new Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle, we were asked to create the intro film for the car’s website that elaborates further on the trailblazing heritage of this groundbreaking vehicle.

The film was to take the viewer on an historical journey depicting past feats of human propulsion. The first train, the first automobile, the first hybrid car and ultimately the inception of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

As an integral part of the wider campaign, the film needed to be imbued with the same tactile qualities and subtle colour palette as the launch film. Using a macro sense of scale we entice the viewer into our world, leading them on an effortless and refined journey through the history of the automobile ending with a seamless transition into the hero image from the print campaign.

Alongside the intro film, we designed and produced both still and animation assets of the Hydrogen molecule to be implemented on the website.


Client: Toyota
Campaign: The Turning Point
Title: Website Inro Film
Agency: Droga5 NY

Production Company: ATYP
Design & Direction: ATYP
3D: Nathan Bayliss
Packshot: Analog