Deutsche Telekom – Commercial

/ LED Tunnel Projection Mapping


We were invited to art direct and produce the projection mapping content for Deutsche Telekom’s TV commercial. The advert is made up of a number of technically varied shots that combine to form one highly dynamic and diverse film.


The underlying tone was to inject warmth and humanity into what is a highly technological, service. We were commissioned to explore ‘real-world’ physical ways of communicating four concepts within the ad. The task was to take some initial starting points through a thorough research and design process in order to realise them in their respective ways for technical integration on the live action shoot.

We worked collaboratively with the director, embarking on a two week R&D process to fully explore the possibilities available to us. We then brought these ideas to life by visually prototyping the shots in their relevant test environments before finally executing these with various projection mapping techniques on set. These included a custom built LED tunnel and a smoke bomb canvas the size of a bus. The collaboration proved to be a logistical success as the content we generated was integrated seamlessly into production on what was an epic shoot.

As a result we were commissioned to create all dynamic content for the subsequent Deutsche Telekom Sky+ film featuring players from Bayern Munich Football Club.