Deutsche Telekom – Sky+ Commercial

/ Motion Tracking R&D

Devlopment Work

Development work

After successfully delivering a variety of elements for the Deutsche Telekom campaign we were invited to work on the Sky+ commercial that features players from Bayern Munich FC. Our role as technical design directors meant we were responsible for visual aesthetic, technical development and overseeing implementation of all graphic sequences in the film.

We were tasked with designing motion-sensitive, 3D graphic sequences that track the players and footballs movements, creating dynamic and unique graphic trails that echo their movement.

We spent a healthy portion of time at the beginning of the project on technical R&D. During this process we developed an animation style and unique aesthetic, which was applied to the tracked movements of the players. The result is that their physical actions drive the animations on virtual LED screens in the studio behind them, showing stylized graphic representations of their real life movements.
Overcoming the complex technical challenges of the project made for a rewarding experience, which is just how we like it.