BBC – Design Museum Awards

/ Exhibition Film

The BBC homepage was redesigned to give a totally new experience to users who visited the site. A huge departure from its predecessor, it was also a vast improvement; inviting users to navigate and explore content in ways that were not previously possible. As a result it was nominated for a prestigious London Design Museum Award. We were approached to create a film that was the focus of the BBC’s inclusion at the three month exhibition held at the museum.


Our task was to create a film that would bring to life the idea of ‘serendipitous discovery’; when a user comes to the website to be informed, they should also discover new and unexpected content to educate and entertain them. One of the main challenges was to communicate this visceral and playful concept, whilst also presenting the website in a way that was faithful to the online experience.

Our aim was to enhance the idea of the site being a portal into a whole new world of discovery. Using the site design as a platform we devised a number of jumping off points from the web-pages themselves to represent user journeys through the breadth of editorial content curated by the BBC. Each journey contains a playful visual transition, taking you out of, and into different sections of the site. Graphically representing the online experience. The film was produced as a seamless looping piece, connected by the strap-line ‘Come for the things you need, Come back for the things you discover.’

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