Nike – FlyKnit

/ Selfridges In-store Installation

Nike was launching their new Flyknit running shoe at Selfridges London as part of Nike’s House of Innovation concession. A dedicated retail space combining a variety of physical and digital experiences for today’s style savvy, digitally connected athlete. We were approached by Nike to create the in-store installation that would form part of the opening event and accompany the Flyknit shoe in-store.

The aim was to showcase the revolutionary knitted technology of the shoes upper, highlighting its lightweight construction and commitment to minimizing material waste.

Our approach was to create a piece as light and minimal as the shoe itself through a series of fluid, organic feeling typographic animations. These begin as single threads and combine to communicate Flyknit’s core messaging in letterforms that replicate the complex knitted construction of the shoes.

The final animation was shown on a display mounted behind a two-way mirror, giving the impression that the typography is floating freely in the space. Viewing the content in this way, without seeing the confines of the physical screen, communicates a sense of weightlessness that ties into the ethos of the Flyknit shoe.